Ways to Promote In A High School

By: Debora Lazarean

Video Announcements

You could do a skit or show off the school store and its products in a video and show it on the announcements to promote not only the store but also the products.

Audio Annoucments

You could have people write different things promoting your products and then it could be read on the announcements by other students.


You could make flyers promoting your products with details about your products and pictures about your products and hand them out or put them in a place where students could take them.


You could have each teacher have a set of coupons for products from the store and when people do something more to help out they can get one which in return will get them to also by something else many times.

Word of Mouth

You can have people who have been to the school store and go there frequently and tell others about the store and the products.