The extremely endangered leopard

The Amur leopard- by shkal6

Amur Leopard picture (YLB)


  • They are mammals
  • Has fur that can grow up to three inches in winter
  • Widely spaced rosettes
  • Blue-green eyes
  • Males weigh 71–110 lb and females weigh 55–94 lb.
  • Gives a raspy roar to notify other leopards of its presence within its territory

-From SGMAL, ALTA,and WAL.

Amur Leopard in snow picture (MW)


  • Hearing and eyesight are extremely acute
  • Very fast
  • Nimble and strong legs for climbing and hunting prey
  • Hides prey from other animals

- From WAL.

Amur leopard ready to pounce picture (AW)

Reasons for endangerment

  • Illegal trade and proaching
  • Forest fires
  • Land convertion for farming (note- 80% of territory gone)

- From SGMAL


  • Temperate forests
  • Caves/dens
  • Far Eastern Russia


Forest picture (WLVI)

Food Chain

  • Eats roe deer, sika deer, badgers and hares
  • Finds food in forest
  • Carnivore
  • Humans are the predators of the Amur

-From ALTA

Critical Info

  • Fewer than 45 left in the wild and about 300 in captivity
  • Tiger Alliance- designs strategies to protect Amur leopards from illegal hunting
  • ZSL (zoological society of London)- Reducing forest fires with satelite images

- From ALTA

Amur leopard cub picture (AL)


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