1960's - 1990's

Important Facts


* The civil rights act of 1964 -the act outlawed discrimination on the basis of race, religion,or national origin.

* The Vietnam war happened -during world war 2 japan invaded and occupied vietnam.

* Women, African Americans, Native Americans, and gays still fight for equality.

* The cold war happened in the 1980's -the economic struggle between the USA and the USSR.

More Facts

* Basketball player Magic Johnson announces he has HIV -Pro basketball player announced that he had HIV he also cried at the announcing. He is still living till this day.

* Columbine Massacre - Two young boys in high school decided one day to kill hundreds of there peers. They were the type of kids who got picked on and felt like they didn't fit in.

* Soviet Union - The soviet union was all about the people of Russia .

Martin Luther kings speech

The most important event through this time period I think was Martin Luther Kings speech. I think this was very important because it allowed the whites and blacks to go to school together. It changed many peoples lifes during that time.