When I Get Older I Will Be A....

Business Owner

Texas A&M

I have always set it a goal to continue the Aggie tradition and Mays Business School is one of the most elite schools for business so that will do a lot for me I will strive to receive my masters that will take me around 4 years

Miami, Florida

The city of Miami has a place in my heart. It is an unforgettable city that has led me to want to head over and start my life after college over there. Yes I now it will be costly but it will all work out in the end with my business

Motivation... Business Description

I have always wanted my own business but not just a single business I want to own very diverse businesses such as restaurants, clothing stores, and a corporation of some sort. It will enable me to have money to give away and start changing up the world little by little by giving everyone a little push to succeed and especially focusing on the poverty filled portion of the world.