Learning Group Spotlight

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Learning Group Reactions

  • Trio SSS helped me get comfortable around campus and I learned things I never knew about before (Alissa Lee)
  • My favorite part [of Learning Groups] is the social aspect, being able to socialize and talk to others, get us out of our comfort zone (Malee Lor)
  • My favorite part of college so far has been getting to spread my horizons (Hailey Sieber)
  • TRIO Student Support Services is a place to receive resources or information on college, specifically on UWO (Maysee Lao)
  • TRIO to me means an environment where I am comfortable and I can be helped with any of my campus questions (Lyric Arneson)
  • Best advice to all new or incoming college students is to try to open up to new people: it will make your day better (Kaxee Xiong)
  • TRIO Student Support Services is a tool to help me get through my first year. It helps me with receiving other tools and getting involved (Idonis Curtis)
  • TRIO student support services means a lot to me. I could not have made it without them (Deko Mohamud)
  • TRIO means a family away from my actual family and a place I can always go for help (Kiana Suhling)
  • It means family- a safe haven and comfortable place to let my guard down (Braini Mckenzie)
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