Mrs. Marchand's Messages

Week of December 15th

School News by Sergio

Leggee Elementary is having a PBIS lesson that focuses on caring. Mrs.Marchand's class is having a Chrismas party on Friday December 19th, 2014. On Friday December 19th, 2014, Leggee Elementary is having a Sing-Along. They are also doing a program called Young Authors, where students can write a story and who ever wins gets to go to the Young Author convention. I wish you all a Merry Chrismas. By Sergio Vanegas.

Science by Ella

This week we are working on a color lab. We are learning which colors and materials keep heat. We filled 4 cups with water and put different colored paper around them. We checked the temperature a few times during the day. We found that black was the hottest temperature and blue was the coolest. We did the same experiment but with other materials. We used wax paper, aluminum foil, saran wrap, and nothing. We found that saran wrap was the hottest and wax paper was the coolest.

We also started our design challenge and sketched our solar cookers. We will continue to sketch and crete our solar cookers the rest of the week and test them with s'mores after winter break.

Math by Tyler

Right now we are in unit 6. This unit is very hard. It involves division and using a protractor. To help us understand how to use a protractor we compared it to reading a clock. We learned how to do partial quotients. This is similiar to partial products. We are going to do snowman math on Wednesday and Thursday which we are all excited for. We will continue unit 6 after the holiday break!

Reading by Veronika

This week for writing is really fun. We write a letter to santa that you want to be an elf at the workshop. Lets get to the fun part well we have to make an elf and the letter is going to be that the elf you make it will be holding the paper. We also are learning contex clues after our morning work. For our perents we are making a cute gift that will be opened on christmas. Well thats all for this week. Have a great winter break and Merry Christmas.