for sale!! a red river wagon


pick-up only

(be sure to bring your oxen)

-People in the 1800's used this for hauling fur and other goods, if it was empty it would haul people.

-It was important to ND because of all of the farming land and it helped our economy because we were able to produce more crops.

- Its advantages were it got people around faster

* Easier to move if people were moving

* You could carry more from the markets so then your food supply would last longer

* It was made entirely out of wood and if you broke an axle or something you can change it easily

* It was powered by cattle or oxen and not humans

* It was made of wood so it would float across the rivers

-disadvantages were if was powered by cattle or oxen and they could get tired

* it was made of wood so they can break easily

* you couldn't go that fast

* there wasn't really a lot of oil or anything to lubricate the axle so you could hear them a mile away

-it was invented by metis

-it impacted ND in the farming land cause there was now a more efficient way to travel and work.

this a great historical example of how far we come come

perfect for decoration or work on the farm

Life of a Metis Trapper - Part V: The Red River Cart