Motivation Monday


If You Fall Off Track, You Can Hop on Back!

Happy Monday and Happy Halloween!

Chances are this past weekend served you a big plate of fun, which possibly included a fair portion of indulgent sides. It’s that time of year! Festive gatherings tend to be centered on eating and drinking activities that don’t exactly honor your healthy eating goals. But that’s quite alright and don’t you dare beat yourself up for the choices you’ve made in the spirit of the season….life is simply too short to drown yourself in post-party stress.

Instead, remind yourself that the weekend is over, a fresh new Monday is here, and the saddle is awaiting your cute little tush to hop back on! I know that’s easier said than done; but trust me, you can do it. In fact, I’ll share with you how I plan to get back on track after this past weekend.

So, Saturday presented us with a party circuit that began at 10am and ended way past my bedtime. Throughout the day I enjoyed pizza, In-N-Out burgers, a taco truck and some refreshing adult beverages. As our third party came to an end and our Lyft driver drove us home, you bet I satisfied my sweet tooth with a cookie and a fun-size bag of Haribo gummy bears.

Sunday morning arrived rather quickly and when it did, I resumed my normal eating and drinking activity: a hearty protein shake to kick off the day and plenty of water to hydrate my bod. I ran to the grocery store to stock up on our essentials (grocery shopping always revs me up) and scheduled my workouts for the week. Most importantly, I resolved that I was going to cherish every memory we made this weekend (even those Haribo gummy bears!)

Whenever you feel like you’ve digressed in your eating and/or fitness plan, remind yourself to keep calm, carry on and remember the following:

~ Start slowly and don’t overcompensate for your dietary slips. When people opt for the

get-rich-quick strategy for their diet (aka. a juice cleanse) I always freak out. This route is

neither safe nor beneficial, and it can increase ones risk for nutrient deficiencies and

increased blood sugar. A green juice is great if interspersed in your eating plan! But a diet

plan based on liquids alone…well that’s not so great.

~ Work the buddy system. Find someone who you can share your goals with and who

will possibly join you in your quest for good health. While I truly enjoy a solo workout or

run, it’s so much fun to exercise with a friend and hold each other accountable to the


~ Educate yourself so that if you drift off, you know just how to get back on track. You’ll

immediately know what foods to stock up on and what to avoid, and if you are going to

cleanse anything, cleanse your diet!!! Aim for fresh fruits and veggies, lean protein and

healthy fats and skip anything processed.

So cheers to Halloween. Cheers to healthy choices. And cheers to you.

In good health and much gratitude,


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