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Week 5 in Kindergarten

We are cruising through first quarter. The children are ready to learn each morning and are doing so well with our classroom routines.

This week is another short week, with no school on Friday.

Sight Words

This week's sight words are: my and in
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This week we will publish our writing digitally! We will check out the iPad cart from the library and try an app called Educreations. I am hoping we can print these or email them to share with you.

We will continue to work on writing simple sentences using sight words and sounding out other words.


This week we will read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Chicka Chicka 123. We will work on retelling using beginning, middle and end. We will also discuss what an author and illustrator do, and review characters and setting.


This week we will work on the letters q, a, i, and o. Vowels get tricky. We will work on the short sounds first.


We will begin Topic 3 today. This will involve working with numbers 6-10. Topic 2 tests will come home today!