The Bilingual Coach's Corner

December 2014

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ONLY 15 MORE SCHOOL DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After 4 months of intense hard work and lots of success, we wish you a wonderful, happy, and restful winter break!

Have fun and enjoy your time with your loved ones, friends and family.

You deserve every minute of your vacation!

Best wishes for the beginning of the new year! HAPPY 2015!

LA COSECHA 2014 - Dual Language Conference in New Mexico


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Thomas and Collier's latest book on DL research was released!

Guess what?

Our school was portrayed and described in many many sections of it!

So proud of the work that we are doing at FPG Bilingue!

Check it out!

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Start signing autographs FPG staff :)

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We were very lucky to have the authors at our table during the first session!

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IFL - Institute for learning

We are very excited about the IFL work done in our classrooms this year!

KG implemented their unit " Exploring who we are" with HUGE success!

2nd grade implemented the writing unit on personal narratives at the beginning of the year.

4th grade is in the middle of their "Animal Adaptations" unit.

1st grade is implementing their unit "My Amazing Body" this month! As well as the personal narratives unit in 3rd grade.

5th grade will implement their "Space Exploration" unit later in the year.


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Biliteracy Units

As a DL school, our goal is to implement Biliteracy units.

This year, many grade levels are starting this process and we are thrilled to support them.

KUDDOS TO all of the grade level teams that have started this process!!

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Luz & Melody