Reading Stations

Feb. 8th-12th

Reading Groups

1.Nicole, Olivia, Ryan, Andrea, Grace, Kelvin

2.Karla, Trevor, Bryce, Abby, Catalina

3. Kimarra, Ethan, Logan, Gracie

4.Jackson, Samantha, Emma, Robbie, Seraiah

5. Jawarn, Jacob, Ashley,James, Richard, Alexander

1. Reading Group

Meet with me. Bring your book and notebook and pencil.

2. I Ready

Complete 40 minutes of I Ready. you will have to complete this in 2 different stations times. Let me know which lessons you complete and which lessons you pass.

3.Read to Self

Read for 20 minutes.

4. Study Island

Log in to study island and complete the skill lessons there. Let me know which ones you complete.

5. Two Voice Poem

Get with your partner for your two voice project. Complete the rest of your project fill out the planning sheet first.

Planning Sheet

Then complete a key note for your poem. Be ready for exporting the key note for voice over.

6. Non fiction

Read any non fiction book.