The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi. Before the Vietnam war the capital of south Vietnam was Saigon.

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Their is 88.78 million people in Vietnam.


Vietnams 3 mean religion they are Taoism,Muhayana,Buddhism.

Land size

Vietnam is 329,560 km² long.


In Vietnams they speek Vietnamese,English,French,Chinese.

History of Vietnam war

The Vietnam war began in 1964 to 1975. The Vietnam war was against South Vietnamese and North Vietnamese . America helped South Vietnam and other allies.the French helped Nouth Vietnam. The war was in South Vietnam. The Vietnam war is now the forgotten war.


Vietnam main temperature is between 3 and 24C it is warm in the flater land and colder the moutntain range areas.


Vietnam was devastated after decades of war but today it is well under way. Technology and high tech industries are a large part of the vietnams economy.


There are 5 stages in Vietnams education system pre-primary, primary, intermediate, secondary and higher education. There is a lot of discipline in the classroom. Families pay a lot of money to send their children to a good school.


Over all Vietnam's health is good. Their life expectancy 76 years old. Half of Vietnam's population dose not have clear drinking water.

Living conditions

Living conditions in Vietnam are not very well in the rural area's. It depends on how rich you are where you live. There isn't many housing, medicines, and consumer goods available.

Natural resources

Vietnams Natural Resources are natural gas and coal. Rainforests. Paddy rice, coffee, fish and seafood, rubber, cotton, tea, pepper, soybeans, cashews, sugar cane and peanuts.

Environment Issues

There are threats to the environment in Vietnam controlling contamination of the air and land. The water isn't very healthy in Vietnam today. With the rainforests cover being destroyed there's no canopy to protect the soil from erosion.