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How did Erik affect Paul?

How did Erik Affect Paul?

  • I feel like Erik affected Paul in a very negative way because Erik kind of gave Paul a bad reputation considering that Erik made Paul and Luis enemies. Erik also effected Paul in a negative way with all of the fights that he got in with other people because, the people of lake Windsor downs viewed Paul as the little brother. So they would think he does everything that Erik does which sets a negative setting for Paul. For example when Arthur hot Luis with the blackjack and Luis died Paul was not aloud to attend the funeral because Erik was there when he told Arthur to hit Luis with the blackjack. "Henry says you're talking about coming. But Tino and Victor and those guys are saying some bad stuff. So you had better not show your face at Luis's funeral. I'm calling to tell you that.

How did Erik effect Paul with their dad and other family members.

Erik also effected Paul with their dad. Paul's dad was so caught up with the Erik Fisher football dream that he didn't pay any attention to Paul and his soccer. He didn't even know when Paul's soccer season ended. All the attention goes from Paul to Erik as soon as he steps in everyone is asking about him and Paul feels left out and alone. Even though I also kind of feel like not everything is Erik's fault, because he has a very great gift for football and the fact that he has to go 100% at everything he does I guess he can't really help but steal the attention. Sometimes I feel like Paul needs to step up instead of just being in the shadows of his brother. Then again not all the attention is on Erik because he is an outstanding football player, a lot of it is because of the bad thongs that he does around tangerine county. For example when Paul was talking to his grandfather downstairs Erik walled in and stole the attention but it was because he his earn was messed up so his grandfather said; "what in the he*l happened to your ear?".

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