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AMI Information

Beginning on Monday, April 6, Cabot Public Schools will provide alternative methods of instruction (AMI) through the Arkansas PBS AMI for grade PreK-6.

Most of you will find the Arkansas PBS Channel, or what used to be AETN, on channel 2 of your TV. A parent guide will be available online each week that will guide the activities that students participate in after viewing specific programming on PBS. Detailed information regarding AMI instruction may be found at the link below.


Arkansas PBS AMI

The following link may be used to access Arkansas PBS AMI online.


The parent guide for PreK-2, Week 7 can be found here.

The parent guide for Grades 3-5, Week 7 can be found here.

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Cabot Schools Virtual Library

The CPS librarians have collected our favorite digital resources for you.

Here you will find links to ebooks, audiobooks, video read alouds, virtual field trips and tours, digital escape rooms, and much more!

Math Intervention

Please feel free to contact either Math Interventionist if you have questions about your child’s math lesson or if you would like to request Math games. They look forward to helping you and your child.



Art with Ms. Abramovitz

Create an Ice Cream

There is a famous artist named Wayne Thiebaud ( no he is not related to the football player Tim). Wayne is famous for drawing different types of desserts like cakes or ice cream.


  1. Get your art tools.

  2. Think about ice cream. What flavors can you think about?

  3. Decide to draw a cone or a bowl for your ice cream

  4. Fill the paper with ice cream and toppings ( sprinkles , cookies, candy)

  5. Add other details as needed.

  6. Color with art tools.

  7. Share your art with someone.Explain what flavors you made and why.

Art Websites

Art Websites

Art Tutorials/ How to draw




Art Kids Hub is great one on one drawing tutorials for kids.


Muffalo Potato is a series of drawing videos that teaches kids to use letters and numbers to draw things or characters.

Art to do with Parents


A website that contains ideas for parents and kids to do together.


A website that contains projects relating to art, science, engineering, and design.Great for parents and kids to do together.


Mr. Printables has different activities like printing puzzles or coloring pages to creating finger puppets and other 3d projects. Please visit with a parent there are some icons that might lead to buying art kits or other items. We don’t want to hit those buttons.

Does need a printer to do activities.

Library with Ms. Taylor

Check out Dav Pilkey at home here. His website is filled with excerpts from his books featuring Dog Man and Captain Underpants. You can also find fun videos, drawing activities, and more!

Learn to draw Dog Man here and create your own story! Then see if you can help Dog Man escape from a digital locked room here.

To keep reading at home, go to Tumblebooks.

Contact your school librarian for username and password.

You can also use our research database FactCite from home. Click here to login.

Contact your school librarian for username and password.

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Breakout EDU Digital Escape Room

How do you play?

In order to play, visit BreakoutEDU.com/live at 11 AM PT (2PM ET) and wait for the game to start. There is no login required. When you complete a game, you can enter to win a prize.

Can students win prizes?
When a game is complete the player enters their parent’s or teacher’s email address. Winners must reside in the U.S. to win a prize (unfortunately laws and regulations keep us from offering prizes outside the U.S.).

How much does it cost to play?

Can I play past episodes?
Yep! All past episodes can be found at BreakoutEDU.com/live. Please note: you can only enter to win prizes when you play a game the same day it is aired.

How difficult are the puzzles?
The puzzles start easy and get progressively more difficult. Starting with middle elementary going up to middle school.

How do I know what the topics will be?
Each Sunday we’ll send out an email with the next week’s topics and prizes. Prizes typically include Breakout EDU kits and Breakout HOME games.

Quaver's Marvelous World of Music

All students can now access Mr. Wilson's music curriculum's companion website "Quaver's Marvelous World of Music." It's free and available to any families of Westside that want to use it. It provides access to fun, educational music games and lots of fun ways to compose and create music and much, much more.

I will not be using this to send out assignments. This is simply a fun tool for families to explore at their leisure. Please enjoy!

The website's address is https://www.quavermusic.com/info/

From there, look for the green "login" button at the top of the page.

Please contact Mr. Wilson for username and password.

If your family would like to read some more about this website, I recommend reading this here: https://www.quavermusic.com/info/quaver-music-curriculum-resources/quavers-world/

Please enjoy and stay safe out there! Please email jim.wilson@cps.k12.ar.us if you have any questions!

*The website can run on regular computers, phones and even tablets now. However, if you are able to run the site with Flash, you'll have access to more activities. Please be aware- we're all sharing the same account at this point in time, so if you dress up your character or work on something, it may be changed by someone else the next time you log in. If this goes well, Mr. Wilson may be able to give you your own individual account sometime soon. (Please be patient if we go forward with individual accounts; Mr. Wilson teaches several hundreds of students!)

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