My Career Vision Statement

Careers That Interest Me

Career Fields That Fit Me

I was told that the fields of human services and business would be the best for me. From the field of human services, teaching is the career that interested me. From the field of business, the career of accounting interested me the most.

My Newly Discovered Personality Traits

I have recently learned that I am dependable, independent, and helpful. These traits would be useful in almost any career, especially the two that interest me.

My Talents

There are several talents that I did not realize I had until a few weeks ago. Some of these talents are that I am organized and I am good at math.


Being a teacher would be a good career for me because I am helpful and dependable. One of the most important things about being a teacher is to help students learn. Students depend on their teachers to teach and guide them.
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Accountants deal with a lot of math and numbers, and, fortunately, I excel in math. Because of this, I think that I would make a good accountant. Also, I am very organized, and accountants have a lot of documents and papers to keep track of.
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I Am a Planner

My personal inner hero is a planner. Since I am a planner, I "get the job done." This is a good characteristic to have as a teacher and an accountant because there is always new tasks at hand. Getting the job done right away will make everything easier and less stressful.
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