Final Project #2

Civic Literacy

Voting and Voter Registration

  • Create a product that focus on 3 important points you have learned about voting/voter registration. This could include: why it is important to vote, how do you register to vote, how your values affect your vote, how your attitude affects your vote, voting parties etc.

  • Make sure to include a summary paragraph.

  • Be sure to use your own words and not just copy and paste from the internet. Remember to use your academic integrity; plagiarized work is unacceptable.

  • Cite all of the sources you have used to create this product.

  • You can use the same web 2.0 tool or a new one. Here are a few options:

  • A Video (please convert to mp4)
  • A Podcast
  • Record a Song
  • Write a poem or a skit (Add graphics, recordings and/or video to enhance your presentation)
  • power-point
  • prezi
  • Create an artistic impression (use words as needed to label)