Ensure Better Fatigue Results

With Latest Test Machine from Test Resources

Currently, there are lots of testing machines available in the market that you can purchase to meet your industrial need. Listed below are 4 common test machines available in the market and online at economical prices:

1. Electromagnetic machine - In order to perform tension and compression based mechanical properties tests of materials, you can use this machine. You can get an electronic test machine in a wide array of mechanical configuration. Typically, you encounter machines with force capabilities that include single column, dual column, and horizontal versions. In fact, there are specially configured machines available that you can use for torsion tests, axial torsion tests, and for planar biaxial applications.

2. Electrodynamic Machines - As compared to the electromagnetic test machines, the electrodynamic machines deliver on a broader and faster speed. You can get this machine to perform the static, dynamic and fatigue testing applications that involve tension, torsion, and compression loading tests. The best part about this high-end machine is usability in multiple testing applications such as medical, dental, electronics, composites, plastic and rubber etc.

3. Servo Hydraulic Machines - The other advanced version in the series is the Servo Hydraulic Test Machine. You can comfortably perform static, dynamic and fatigue testing of material through this machine. Currently, you can get this machine in multiple configurations to deliver faster speed with higher loads than any electrodynamic test machine. You can rely on this machine for axial tests, torsion tests, axial-torsional tests and planar biaxial applications.

4. Special Purpose Machines - The last one in this category is the Special Purpose Machine for fatigue testing that you can use for single purpose mechanical testing.

With any of these machines, you can get the fatigue testing results for industrial use. You just need to make sure to invest in such machines with modular design to use it properly.