Hydrogen Cars

By: Seth Blackmon

Advantages of Hydrogen Cars

Hydrogen cars are better for the environment. Unlike gas cars, hydrogen cars split water into oxygen and hydrogen and releases the water the same way gas car would, but would release water vapor and heat.

The cleanliness of hydrogen is in large part why government and industry support for hydrogen vehicles has reached billions of dollars.


Hydrogen is the lightest gas ever found. It has no color, no smell, and no taste. It was the first atom ever found and put on the periodic table. 90% of all of the universe’s atoms are hydrogen. The emissions from the hydrogen cars themselves are clean, possessing none of the dirty mix of toxins and carbon dioxide (the major global warming gas) that the burning of gasoline spews forth.

Top Reasons to use Hydrogen Cars

1) Better for the environment

2) Less pollution

3) Safer

4) There are limited fossil fuels, but not limited hydrogen

5) Gas prices keep getting higher

How the Car Works

The car has tanks storing the hydrogen near the rear of the car. The gas is passed through a full cell stack, that mixes the hydrogen with atmospheric oxygen to create electricity. That electricity is then used to power the engine, powering the wheels and the car. Then extra water vapor is released instead of polluting fuel gasses. The water is said to be safe enough to drink (rumor of course).


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