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Families: Sept. 4, 2020

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A message from Principal Cooper

Hello Dolphin Families,

Happy Labor Day! We are entering week 4 of Distance Learning. This week is a bit different for us since it is our first four-day week. The entire week shifts with the Monday holiday. Think of it as Wednesday disappearing from the schedule. The normal Monday schedule is now done on Tuesday, Tuesday's normal routine becomes Wednesday, we skip the typical Wednesday schedule entirely, then Thursday remains a normal Thursday, Friday a normal Friday. Your child's teacher will be reaching out to clarify further.

Thank you all for participating in parent-teacher conferences and material distribution. A school without kids is hard on us all so even those brief glimpses of people getting supplies were nice! If you still need a Chromebook or your materials, please come to the office between 7:30-4 any weekday--we're happy to help!

We are excited to have two new teachers joining our staff this year: Ms. Bair (2nd grade) who previously taught at Burbank Elementary School and Mrs. Meehan (5th grade) who subbed for us last year while wrapping up her teaching credential. We also have three teachers out on maternity leave (Mrs. Belliveau who had a sweet little baby boy, Mrs. Utroske who had an adorable baby girl, and now Mrs. Madigan whose baby is due this month). We also two teachers out on medical leave. As you can imagine, it has been harder to get substitute teachers this year. Many of our subs are retired teachers who are not familiar with our new remote learning system causing us to broaden our reach on nabbing strong subs. I am happy to say that all but one class has a solid sub in place. We are finalizing hiring for our last vacant spot. Thank you for your continued patience as we solidify class coverage so that our students will have the strongest teachers possible during an already trying time.

As always, I am so proud to be a dolphin. The dedication that our staff has for our students and the endless hard work you're doing at home is paying off. We are a Dolphin Family and that means that we work together, never give up, and support one another through it all. Thank you for making your student's education during this time a priority. I am so very proud of everyone.

Please keep reaching out for support when you need anything. We are here for you! Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home, and please wear a mask.


Mrs. Cooper

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Parent Square--Important

Please make sure you are signed up for Parent Square which is our new communication platform!

Student Technology Needs

If you still need a Chromebook, please come by the office between 7:30am-4pm.

In order to systematically replace Chromebooks, each year the current 1st and 5th-grade students will turn in their current Chromebook to receive a brand new one. If you have not yet traded yours in, please come to the office and do so.

At this time our school district does not have any more WiFi Hot Spots, but if you have a need

for one, please contact us so we can put you on the list when they do come in. In the meantime, our website lists ways you can work with internet providers to get free internet.

Daily Attendance & Weekly Schedule

Attendance during Distance Learning is taken daily. This means that we need all students to;

  • show up online every single day at 8AM with their teacher
  • show up online every single day for a 2nd time if the
  • teacher has a LIVE meeting during the 2nd part of the morning
  • complete learning tasks and activities on either Seesaw or
  • Google Classroom every single day

Learning Platforms

If your student is in grades KA, K, 1, 2, or 3 then you should be using Seesaw to access all LIVE class meeting Zoom links and all learning tasks and activities. If your students is in grades 4, 5, or 6 then they should be accessing this information through Google Classroom.

Daily Schedule - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

*This is a general schedule but each teacher has a specific schedule for their students and families.

8:00AM School Starts - Students join LIVE Zoom Meeting and/or work on activities

8:30AM Learning Block #1 - Teachers have activities planned after their LIVE meeting - These are completed on Seesaw or Google Classroom.

10:00-10:20 BREAK

10:20-12:20 Learning Block #2 - Teachers may host another LIVE Zoom Meeting and they will also have tasks/activities for students to work on.

12:20-12:50 LUNCH

12:50-2:30 Additional Support and/or Activities - During this time block your student may participate in some of the following activities:

  • PE Class
  • Music Class
  • Small Learning Group with a Support Teacher
  • Counseling Group/Meeting
  • Restorative Specialist Group/Meeting
  • Student Engagement Activity

Daily Schedule - Wednesday

8:00AM School Starts - Students join LIVE Zoom meetings with their teacher and/or they participate in a learning task

*Teachers will be in training every single Wednesday, so Wednesday's schedule will consist of independent work activities.

**Wednesdays may include PE, Music, or other learning opportunities with other staff.

Lunch Application

IMPORTANT!! We need all our families to please submit an online lunch application. Not only does filling out this application get you FREE meals during lunch distributions but it also gets our school money. Please click the link and fill out the application. If you need help you can come to campus and there are iPads outside of our Main Office that have this link already ready for you to use!

Click here for a video in English, with Spanish subtitles, for help on how to fill it out.

New Food Distribution Schedule

Elsie Allen High
(599 Bellevue Ave)

  • 6:45 AM to 9 AM
  • 11 AM to 1 PM
  • 4:30 PM to 7 PM
Piner High (1700 Fulton Rd)
  • 6:45 AM to 9 AM
  • 11 AM to 1 PM

Monroe Elementary (2567 Marlow Rd)

  • 6:45 AM to 9 AM
  • 11 AM to 1 PM
  • 4:30 PM to 7 PM

Lincoln Elementary (850 W 9th St)

  • 6:45 AM to 9 AM
  • 11 AM to 1 PM
  • 4:30 PM to 7 PM

Lewis Ed Center (2230 Lomitas Ave)

  • 6:45 AM to 9 AM
  • 11 AM to 1 PM

Brook Hill Elementary (1850 Vallejo St)

  • 6:45 AM to 9 AM
  • 11 AM to 1 PM

Cook Middle (2480 Sebastopol Rd)

  • 6:45 AM to 9 AM
  • 11 AM to 1 PM

Albert Biella Elementary (2140 Jennings Ave)

  • 6:45 AM to 9 AM
  • 11 AM to 1 PM
  • 4:30 PM to 7 PM

Helpful Links and Videos

Need more tech support?

Password Hotline: 707-890-3777 If a District Chromebook is not working submit a help ticket through this link or call 707-890-3848