Search Engine Websites

Pranav Khorana

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This website is great for people who want to cook new recipes. This search engine can find quality recipes like Skinny Mexican Casseroles and Lush Lemon Frozen Yogurt.

This website has around 15 million monthly users!

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This website provides tools and advice for people seeking jobs, employers, and staffing firms. People can find job openings ranging from lower to mid-level employment.

Monster bought HotJobs from Yahoo! in 2010 for $225 million dollars!

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This website provide information for those interested in engineering and industrial products. It indexes over 180 million parts divided in 2,300,000 product families and includes 24,000 manufacturer and distributor catalogs.

This website has around 3.8 million users per month!

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Google Scholar

This website allows people who are interested in learning to have easier and more accurate access to scientific knowledge. It indexes scholarly literature, like peer-reviewed journals and scholarly books, on a variety of subjects.

The website's advertising slogan -"Stand on the shoulders of giants" - was taken from a quote by Isaac Newton.

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This website gives those interested in the medical field news and information pertaining to human health. The healthcare topics include a symptom checklist, pharmacy information, blogs of physicians with specific topics, and more.

The original name for WebMD was Healthscape when the website was founded in 1996.