Winston Smith guilty of conspiracy.

Big Brother News. By Blake Buie

Spy finally Captured.

Smith has been tried for countless conspiracies, the most dangerous being, are allegations of planning to assassinate a inner party member, Smith also has been accused of helping Eastasia in war efforts against oceania by leaking important information to them. Smith has also been convicted of being in the brotherhood, he is a high ranking member in there society and has been in direct contact with Goldstein. Smith has already been detained by the police. he is now being questioned for any information he may have on Eastasia or Goldstein. Smith is set to be killed after questioning for the crimes he has committed.

Shooting In DownTown

There was a shooting early this morning in downtown. It has been confirmed that 3 people were injured and 5 killed. The police have detained the shooter, and are working on getting information from him. What we know now is that he is a spy from Eastasia, working to bring chaos in our own streets. This man is set to be hanged later this evening for his crimes against oceania.
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