Colosseum Rome,Italy

By: Lane Hile

History of the Colosseum

The Colosseum was built in 70-80 AD. It took a little less than 10 years to build. It was mainly used for gladiator fights and animal hunts for entertainment. The Colosseum could hold up to 70,000 people. 60,000 people sitting and 10,000 standing. Gladiator fights took place from 80-404 CE.There were 20 different types of gladiators. When they did animal hunts sometimes 5,000 animals would be slaughtered in one day. They shipped animals from all over the world.
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How was the Colosseum Built?

It was put under construction when emperor Vespasian ruled. They used 100,000 prisoners to build it. But they also had skilled architects and other skilled Romans working on it also. it took a little less than 10 years to build they made it out of concrete,marble, and sand. After Vespasian died his sons helped build more. One of his sons built an upper level that increased the seating capacity. Then they used it for gladiator fights and animal hunts when it was finished in 80 CE

Why is the Colosseum Important?

It provided entertainment for the Romans for about 400 years. They used it for about 4 centuries. It is a piece of history that is still preserved today so we can study it today and learn about what they did and used it for back in ancient Rome. it is a tourist attraction and makes a lot of money for Rome

Interesting Facts about the Colosseum

1. Wasn't designed by a single person

2. Has over 80 entrances

3. 500,000 people were killed there

4. 1 million animals were killed there

5. Sometimes they would flood the Colosseum

6.Festivals could sometimes last up to 100 days

7.They killed some species to extinction

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