Best recommended way would stop the spread of legionnaires


What is Legionnaires?

Legionnaires is a disease that gets into your lungs by droplet transmission.

Some of the body symptoms of Legionnaires is High Fever, Chills,A bad cough, sometimes muscle aches, head aches, shortness of breath.

It comes from a bacteria called legionnella.

Legionnaire Disease Symptoms

Where is Legionnaires found?

Legionnaires is found everywhere around the world.

The bacteria grows in warm damp place like... hot tubes, hot water tanks, large plumbing systems, decorative fountains, cooling towers, showers

What people are most prone to legionnaires?

People who are most prone to legionnaires consist of the:

  • elderly

  • The immunocompromised

  • People who are ventilated (on a breathing machine)

  • People with lung diseases such as emphysema or COPD

  • People who smoke

These are the people who are most prone to legionnaires

Our reccomendation for stopping legionnaires

To keep air vents sanitary and make sure that all fountains and such are cleaned often and are screened for legionnaires. Because legonnaires can be fought by simple antibiotics, make sure those antibiotics are on standby in areas where the bacteria is common.