Riff Off

Come sing with the best of the best!

Hosted by Juliana C

Be there or be square!

Come sing a variety of songs with people from all over who are amazing vocalists! Be prepared to sing songs in a certain genre or category. You will be up against other singing groups and solo artists. $15 fee to get in per person and foos  and drinks are up for purchase. All profits are being donated to charities! The riff off will be held at

Riff Off

Saturday, May 25th 2013 at 7pm

Main St

Buffalo, NY

We accept every one at different times! This is just for fun NOT for fame or to become famous. There is no fighting allowed and if you are cut off you may stay until the very end. Please come and join us for this special day!

Riff Off

7-12am riff off will be held in the empty pool on Main Street. There you can mingle with others and or actually sing against other groups! There will be a prize rewarded on how many groups there are and how well the group that won performs.

Riff Off

We have an annual riff off every two years and many people ccome. This will be the best riff off you have ever been to in your entire life! We have reunited old best friends, and even old time singing groups!