My Career Choice

Alli Thompson - Cardiologist


A cardiologist is a doctor that diagnoses patients with a disease or condition attacking the heart and/or blood vessels. They also help to treat the disease/condition. They can recommend more test to get a better understanding of the health condition. Then, the cardiologist will decide if the condition can be managed under his/her care. If you need a surgery to help treat your condition, your cardiologist will send you to a cardiovascular surgeon.

Work Environment

Typically work in a small office building accompanied by a staff of nurses. Mostly in constant travel from hospitals, to meetings, and back to the office. Almost always on call incase of an emergency.


The steps to becoming a cardiologist are; you must be a qualified medical practitioner, specialize in cardiology, postgraduate degree courses, have a bachelors degree, sit in on the Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admission Test, and be interviewed at the institution of your choice. You must also work in a public hospital for two years.

Salary and Benefits

A cardiologist can make around $2,692 to $3,461 per week or about $140,000 to $180,00 a year all depending on the organization you're employed at, and the skills they have in work experience. The benefits of being a cardiologist are that even though you have to tell a patient they have a heart or blood vessel condition, you are still doing whatever it takes to help them through it. Although, they do not preform the actual procedure on patients, they are still a big part in the importance of saving someones life.

Job Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that the employment rate of physicians will grow by 18% from 2012 to 2022. An increase of about 123,300 positions available nationwide. Although, the BLS doesn't have a certain percent of the growth for just cardiologist.