Tonasket School District

Weekly Update ~ 10/18/2019

"Focused on Learning and Linking Learning to Life"

Be Positive, Be Grateful, Be Involved


Capital Project Update

On October 31, we’ll start the planning for the entrance remodeling for the safety and security upgrades. Much of this work will be completed in-district. Work is beginning on the development of the RFP (request for proposals) for the CTE shop.

Powerful Teaching and Learning

  • Last Monday and Tuesday I was in Wenatchee for a BEST Mentor training and the Fall CTE (Career and Technical Education) Director Conference. The CTE conference was especially helpful in helping me get up to speed (kind of) in my new role as CTE Director.

  • At Thursday's Superintendent Advisory Committee meeting in Wenatchee we started the meeting sharing what we were thankful for and then discussed the question “What is your most impactful leadership strategy?” We then heard a presentation on equity through the lens of race and learned about the work that Quincy School District is doing in this area. A representative from Boeing also shared about the Core Plus program.


Friday afternoon I am traveling to Representative Joel Kretz’s ranch to discuss the upcoming legislative session and key educational issues that will be coming up.

District Culture and Climate

At the CTE Conference I attended on Tuesday, a representative from Character Strong shared their 6-12 character program. I know that the high school is learning about this program now and several staff has had training on the program. I was very impressed with the program and hope to see us discuss more about full implementation in the high school.

Parent and Community Engagement

From Holly Haugan highlighting the Monthly Migrant meeting held on Wednesday:

Thank you everyone for your participation, help, and support in making last night another amazing experience for our community. We had 45 families sign in last night and gave out NINETY-FOUR flu shots!! The positive feel of the evening was so great to experience; I loved watching the families laughing together as they made their STEM games, teasing and comforting each other through flu shots, and connecting over a delicious dinner.

The feedback from our medical volunteers was that they were so grateful to have the chance to reach the community with their support and that they truly enjoyed themselves. A couple asked if they can come back, just for the fun of it! It was neat to see so many of our staff families in attendance--it can be an intimidating experience to come and connect with families when we don't always share a language, but your smiling faces and the demonstration of your commitment means so much.

Thank you for all the hard work it takes to make these meetings the successes they are. From posting invitations to planning agendas, the welcome table to the amazing food, the warm greetings to washing tables into the late night, you are all wonderful and so appreciated!

Our next Migrant Monthly Meeting will be held Wednesday, November 20th. We hope to see you all again! Keep up the good work!

Creative and Innovative

  • Congratulations go to Gail Morris! Her application for a North Central Education Foundation Teacher Classroom Grant was selected and she’ll receive $300 for “Ukuleles for Tonasket Musicians” project. The grant was made possible because of a donation received from the Woods Family Music & Arts Fund.

  • Congratulations go out to Blaire Sant as well! Her application for a North Central Education Foundation Teacher Classroom Grant was selected and she will receive $250 for her “STEAM Challenge Bins” project. This grant was made possible because of donations received from educators and individuals/organizations in our region.

TEA and PSE Updates

  • The PSE held a labor management meeting on Wednesday. The topics discussed were current para openings, emergency sub paras and paras filling in for classroom teachers and for secretaries; employee shift change pay adjustment; Section 9.7 language in the PSE contract on hiring; and paraeducator training. The PSE contract will be finalized and sent out for signatures soon.

  • The TEA held a labor management meeting on Wednesday afternoon. Topics discussed were supplemental timesheets, book study per diem, following the appropriate staff complaint procedure (click below to link to the board policies for 4220 Policy, Procedure, and Forms), and interactions between administrators and staff.

Staff Updates

  • The following are classified staff transfers to new positions within the para classification: Tracey McArthur ~ HS/MS Paraeducator
    Kristi Denison ~ Paraeducator - ES Library Assignment
    Lalaina Caddy ~ Paraeducator - Elementary Assignment

  • We currently have a paraeducator (ES assignment) open.


  • Tonasket Elementary PTO is once again holding their Trunk or Treat at the Elementary parking lot. If you are interested in participating you must fill out a participation form. You can find one at the ES office.

What Every Employee Needs to Know - Reminders

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