Tamanend Nurse's Notes

Spring Has Sprung

Spring sports have begun...and that means concussions!

If you feel that your child has sustained an injury which could have resulted in a concussion (it does not have to be a hit to the head...it can be a jolt to the body causing the brain to be jostled around), please have them evaluated by the doctor. Signs and symptoms are headache, dizziness, sensitivity to light and/or noise, not feeling like yourself, feeling like you are in a fog, tiredness, nausea and others. We rarely see students who are vomiting from a concussion or have lost consciousness. If your child is seen in the ER, they will have you follow up with your pediatrician in a day or two. The pediatrician should fill out paperwork for school regarding restrictions (like NO gym/sports) and academic accommodations.

The link to the concussion form for the doctor to fill out that we use is below:


Please contact the nurse's office if your student is diagnosed with a concussion.

What is a JUUL?

Vaping is becoming an epidemic in teens. One popular form of vaping is a juul. Juuls are small, odorless, basically smokeless vaping devices that look like a small flash drive. Please see the link to an article below to become better informed about vaping.


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Assistance Available!

If you are in need of assistance with food, clothing, etc., please contact me, Lauren Myrtetus, Certified School Nurse at lmyrtetus@cbsd.org or 2678932915 or your student's counselor, Jeff Klein or Mandy Cammann at 2678932910.