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June/July Updates

Happy Summer!

Please continue to use the COVID self-screener (below) before coming on to campus. We hope you are enjoying your summer so far! We are starting to get some news from the district about reopening. We will be sending out an invite for a Teams meeting either Wednesday or Thursday to give you some information.

The district is going to two options for the fall-traditional/in-person and online. The hybrid model is not going to be as easy as we thought based on the guidelines TEA released about remote learning. The district is supposed to send out a survey to parents to see if they are interested in the online academy this week. I am not sure if there will be a cap to the number of students that will be accepted. I do know that the online academy will align with our face to face instruction. There will be guidelines for switching from one to the other. Depending on the number of students who are accepted, it could lower our class sizes a little.

The biggest question right now is how will our face to face instruction look. Principals are on committees to work through how we can successfully social distance. TEA has been slow to give out guidance for districts. They are hoping for some more information next week. We all know that things are not great right now. Holly's message has been that teachers need to be prepared to pivot to online learning at the drop of a hat. We will talk more at our Teams meeting about how this could look. Also, all of this could change this week. The cabinet(Holly and other leaders) are meeting almost daily. They come up with a plan and then have to change things based on the daily calls with TEA. I can't imagine being in their shoes!

Mandatory Professional Learning Opportunities

Don't forget about the mandatory summer trainings! The Behavior Support training and the Trauma-Informed Classroom must be completed by September 4th. We are planning on giving you some time during the August back to school week to complete this. If you have it completed before then, you will earn some time back in your classroom!

Optional Summer PL from the Technology Department-earn jeans everyday for the fall semester!

We did a great job in the spring of transitioning to online learning. Jessica provided us with some great PL that helped us learn lots of things that supported us with the online platform. With the way things are right now, the chances are good that we will be doing some more online learning. The expectations for that will be much greater than what we did in the spring. We are hoping that you will take advantage of the CCISD technology trainings. I know some of you have already participated in the two Engaging the Learner sessions that have been offered. I recently found out that if you complete the 5 sessions in the Engaging the Learner series, you can earn 3 hours of your GT update! If you missed the first two sessions or any of the upcoming sessions, you can go to the Empowered to Educate it's learning course and find the recordings for the series and there is a course for the Engaging the Learner series with the resources.

We would love for everyone to consider taking the Distance Learning Matrix training. It is offered several times. This document is amazing! It was shared with us a few weeks ago and it will be a great tool to support us in the classroom and for online learning. Jess and the LTC's put in a lot of hard work on this!

The last section of the trainings are called skillbuilders. You can learn more about Microsoft Teams, screencasting, communication tools and its learning

If 70% of you complete one or more of these trainings, you will earn jeans for the fall semester! Yes! Jeans every day for the fall! (we will still be honoring the jeans pass that some of you purchased during the upcoming spring semester)

We hope that you will consider a few of these trainings!

Safely Reopen CCISD recommendations

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Summer PL by the Pool (optional) Menu

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Drafts of Documents

Everything is a draft!! Everything!

Enjoy your summer!

Summer Reading Articles If You are interested!

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