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Upcoming Events & General Reminders

  • Kids Into Kindy is held weeks 1-6. The Kookaburra class will attend
again in weeks 3 and 5.

  • Just a friendly reminder that it's a good idea to place an ice pack in your child's lunch box. The weather will be warming up soon and lunches are not refrigerated. Afternoon tea is placed in the fridge, so no need for one in there.

Outcome 1 : Children have a strong sense of identity

  • Children have a strong sense of identity.
  • Children feel safe, secure, and supported
  • Children develop their emerging autonomy, inter-dependence, resilience and sense of agency
  • Children develop knowledgeable and confident self- identities
  • Children learn to interact in relation to others with care, empathy and respect

Build That Picture

Many of the children have continued to enjoy our 'Build a Picture' activity. It takes great concentration and the ability to mirror the image of the picture by using the correct parts. The persistence displayed to complete the task has been fabulous. Sometimes it becomes frustrating if the child's creation is not looking the same as the picture.This assists the children in learning resilience as they keep trying, even if they aren't successful at first. We have also noticed how encouraging they are towards their friends as they see their finished product.

The most wonderful thing to see is the smile on the child's face as they show their efforts and express how proud they are.

"Look Mrs Royston," said Harley.

"Look at mine Mrs Royston. I finished," announced Cooper.

  • Children recognise their individual achievements and the achievements of others
  • Children persist when faced with challenges and when first attempts are not successful.
  • Children respond to ideas and suggestions from others
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Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners

  • Children develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity

  • Children develop a range of skills and processes such as problem solving, enquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating

  • Children transfer and adapt what they have learned from one setting to another

  • Children resource their own learning through connecting with people, place, technologies and natural and processed materials

What's the Weather?

Mrs Royston showed Maxxi the new felt weather activity. It had pictures of different weather to match the different words. We looked at the words and Maxxi was able to point out sunny, windy, rainy and cloudy all by herself. These words were familiar as we read them every day when we do our day and weather chart. The children love this activity especially reading the chart unassisted.

Rocco then joined us and he was also able to read those words. They set up the pictures with the cards underneath to describe the weather. Maxxi was even able to sound out the beginning letter of each word. We moved onto less familiar words such as foggy, stormy and snowy. With only a little hint, both Rocco and Maxxi put the sounds and words together with the pictures. Fabulous reading skills.

  • Children follow and extend their own interests
  • Children apply thinking strategies to engage with situations
  • Children transfer knowledge from one setting to another
  • Children engage in learning relationships

Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators

  • Children interact verbally and non-verbally with others for a range of purposes

  • Children engage with a range of texts and gain meaning from these texts

  • Children express ideas and make meaning using a range of media

  • Children begin to understand how symbols and patters systems work

  • Children use information and communication technologies to access information, investigate ideas and represent their thinking

Little Red Riding Hood

As a follow up from reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood at Kids into Kindy and in the classroom, we engaged in a sequencing activity together.

Mrs Royston placed the picture cards onto the easel and we discussed what was happening in each one. It was then time for the children to come and select the picture that they thought went first, second and so on. It was great to see so many able to recall what happened in the story and the correct order that it happened.

We will practice so all the children can remember and be confident to sequence the pictures independently.

  • Children convey and construct messages with purpose and confidence
  • Children contribute their ideas and experiences in small and large group discussions
  • Children are independent communicators who use language to describe a sequence
  • Children use language to engage in story telling
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