St Columba's Catholic Primary School | 2023

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Dear Parents and Carers,

We welcome children and their families to our program for the Sacrament of Confirmation:

  • Year 6 St Columba's students
  • External candidates undertaking their preparation at another school
  • Children participating in the Parish Religious Education Program (PREP)

St Columba's students will be prepared for the Sacrament of Confirmation as part of our Religious Education curriculum. Content covers:

  • God created people with a body and soul
  • Jesus promised the Holy Spirit
  • The gift of the Holy Spirit
  • Celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation
  • The fruits of the Holy Spirit strengthens people to live like Jesus
  • Every Sunday is a new Pentecost

We look forward to sharing this important faith journey with you.

Allen McMahon


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Who to contact

  • Year 6 Teachers - Mrs Ogg and Mrs Daniele
  • Assistant Principal - Jesse Yock
  • Catechist Coordinator - Helen Sisto
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Sacramental Enrolment Mass

  • All children receiving the Sacraments must attend the Enrolment Mass with a parent.
  • Sacramental enrolment forms are handed into classroom teachers no later than one week before the Enrolment Mass.
  • PREP children and external candidates hand the Enrolment Mass forms into the Catechist Coordinator.

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Parent information evening

  • One parent from each family to attend.
  • Runs for approximately one hour.
  • At the Church.

Sponsor and Confirmation card

  • Select a sponsor who is a Catholic, has been confirmed and is 16 years or older.
  • Fill in the Confirmation card and return by the Parent Information Evening.

Choosing a Saint

  • As part of the preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation, the children choose a Saint and complete a project, which is displayed in the church.

Confirmation banners

  • St Columba’s candidates make banners at school.
  • PREP children and external candidates will be given a package to complete theirs at home.
  • Banners must be ready for the rehearsal.
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  • Facilitated by 24:7 Ministry.
  • Held in St Columba's Kalyara Mia (undercover area) within school hours from 9 am to 3 pm.
  • PREP children and external candidates to be dropped off and picked up at St Columba's front office.
  • Children wear sports uniform, including hat.
  • Bring morning tea, lunch and drink bottle.

Reconciliation before the rehearsal

  • All school candidates have Reconciliation at school before the rehearsal day.
  • PREP children and external candidates will need to go to Reconciliation with their families.

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  • Student rehearsal begins 9 am at the church.
  • Runs for approximately one hour.
  • PREP children and external candidates to attend.

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Appropriate dress

  • Reflects the importance of the ceremony and should not take away from its meaning.
  • Smart casual is appropriate.

Before the Mass

  • Candidates meet at the Parish Centre no later than 15 minutes before the starting time.
  • Candidates collect Confirmation card from the Parish Centre and hand to their sponsor.
  • Families and sponsors proceed to the Church while candidates wait at the Parish Centre, ready for the commencement of Mass.
  • Confirmation pins given to candidates and are theirs to keep.
  • Sashes are provided and placed on candidates receiving Confirmation (to be returned after Mass).

Photos and videos

  • A professional photographer takes photos before, during and after Mass and will include individual, family and a group photo. Photography begins in the gardens 45 minutes before Mass. These photos are made available to purchase at a date to be advised.
  • All other photos and videos are prohibited during Mass, as this takes away from the significance of the ceremony.
  • Families are welcome to take their own photos before and afterwards.


  • Each family is allocated a pew with your family name on it. Please be seated before Mass begins.
  • Children enter in procession at the commencement of Mass.
  • Candidates sit on the end of the pew closest to the centre isle with their sponsor next to them.

Receiving Confirmation

  • Children receive Confirmation with their sponsors.
  • Candidates line up two at a time in the centre aisle near the front pews, with their sponsor behind them. As a child leaves to be anointed, the child behind stands up with their sponsor and waits at the front for their turn.
  • Candidates come forward one at a time with their sponsor.
  • The sponsor carries the child’s Confirmation card in their right hand and pass it to the acolyte on the right. The sponsor then places their right hand on the child’s right shoulder.
  • The child announces their Saint’s name to Monsignor.
  • Monsignor says: Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.
  • The child is anointed on the forehead with the Chrism.
  • The child answers: Amen.
  • Monsignor says: Peace be with you.
  • The child answers: And with your spirit.


  • Please be mindful that there are two collections during Mass; please bring small change if you wish to donate.


  • Certificates are presented to candidates at the end of Mass.
  • These certificates are valuable documents. Please keep them in a safe place as the school cannot re-print copies.

After the Mass

  • At the end of Mass students proceed out of the church via the side door and meet at the Parish Centre.
  • Candidates must return the red sash used during the ceremony to the Parish Centre.
  • Cupcakes are provided to children at the Parish Centre. PREP children and external candidates to advise the Catechist Coordinator of any allergies or medical considerations.

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