Alexandra Sandeva

Leaders TAKE ALL the blame and GIVE AWAY ALL the credit!

Alexandra 101

1. My journey through life began on July 27.

2.I am Bulgarian which is Eastern European.

3.I am the only person in my family who is born in America and plays an instrument.

4.I love my culture from Bulgaria.

What makes me a leader

1. What makes me a leader is that I never give up on something I believe in that can happen.

2.Another thing that makes me a leader is that I am patient.

3.I have many qualities as being a leader but the top one is that i am positive when times are negative and always find a way to makes things better during those times.

Three words that describe me/ hopes of gain while being in a leader role

1.I am independent.

a.Getting to know more leaders.

b.Getting the opportunity to have my ideas lead people to a better tomorrow.

c. Getting to work with people that have different ideas than me.

2. I am strong physically and mentally.

d. Becoming stronger in my opinions and ideas.

3. I am mindful of others ideas and feelings.

My role model leader

My role model leader is Mahatma Gandhi. The reason Gandhi is my role model is because he didn't give up on his goal which he achieved. Also he didn't care that his caste system role was better than the untouchables, but he still did things that they did despite his role which a real leader does. Also he fought for more than his culture and race's freedom ,but also other cultures and races.

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