The Dead & The Gone

By: Susan Beth Pfeffer

How did the author engage you at the beginning of the book?

One the first page it says, " At the moment when life as he knew it changed for ever," I just wanted to know how life changed forever. When ever someone says my life has changed forever normally its not like I broke my are now it'll never be the same, it's more like oh my parents got a divorce my life is forever change or a death happens then someones life is forever differnt.

Write a sentence from the book that depicts the tone or mood? What words, specifically, in that sentence created the tone?

"No one will blame you Papi,' Alex said, 'It's not just this buliding," I think the sets the mood of sorrow and a little bit of it's okay, becuase if I do something and something else happens then my parent reasure me that everything will be okay. ;)