Out of Class Reading

English at its Earliest: 20 Days

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Project Dossier

Students will read the epic poem Beowulf, analyzing its literary elements and use of literary techniques by keeping a didactical journal of one entry per page (28 pages) and answering reading questions.

Dialectical journal is due in two weeks.

Forget how to dialectical journal?

Have a conversation between the text and yourself. Write down your thoughts, questions,

insights, and ideas while you read. You can even decorate your journal with illustrations, pictures, quotes, and artifacts from the characters or the setting (time and place) of the novel.

Here's a template in Google dox if you need help getting started.

A dialectical journal can include all sorts of things. The important part is that you, the reader, are reading something and then responding to it with your feelings and ideas!

Look for quotes that seem significant, powerful, thought provoking or puzzling. For example, you might record:

  • Effective &/or creative use of stylistic or literary devices
  • Passages that remind you of your own life or something you’ve seen before
  • Structural shifts or turns in the plot
  • A passage that makes you realize something you hadn’t seen before
  • Examples of patterns: recurring images, ideas, colors, symbols or motifs.
  • Passages with confusing language or unfamiliar vocabulary
  • Events you find surprising or confusing
  • Passages that illustrate a particular character or setting