November is FULL of possibility my friends!

This is the month to GO FOR IT!!

Hello girlfriends!

There is SO MUCH going on this month! Let's BREAK IT all DOWN!


Have you seen this incentive?

Home Office is awarding YOU with OODLES in free jewels for selling this season!

See the pic below, and CLICK HERE to watch the webinar to learn more!

WHY NOT book a couple more this month, and YOU CAN have some sweet commission on your blue card AND a bunch 'o credits sitting in your account for the *NEW* coming out in January! You'll thank yourself later!

So, I challenge you to PROCLAIM a goal!

Will it be a couple of shows totalling $2000 or are you dreaming about a party in Jessica's closet?

If you can dream it, you can DO IT! Write that goal down, and then break down how you'll get there show by show!


Big image

Your Hostesses and Customers are gonna LOVE THIS!

I've got something else BIG to tell you...

You know me! I LOVE a BIG GOAL! And one that makes me a little nauseous? BRING IT ON!!

I think that WE will become a Sr. Director team in November!!

I know what you're thinking... You're thinking 'Why should I care? How does that affect me?'

Let me tell you!

  • When we hit it, we will be the only Sr. DIRECTOR team in Northern Alberta, and one of only THREE in Canada! And that means that we ALL kick-ass in sales, growth and leadership! The achievement is truly ours as a team and it reflects positively back on everything we have ALL done, together.

  • It can be a HUGE marketing and recruiting tool for you. You can promote to potential recruits the benefit of joining one of the leading teams in the ENTIRE Stella & Dot structure. Seriously. *MIND BLOWN*

  • Since I will have better access to top-level training, you will too! And you know I'm gonna spill it whenever I get the chance!!

  • We will have a VERY BIG TRAINING Opportunity when I hit Sr. Director and Danielle Redner ( our AMAZING VP of Training ) has already said she will come to Edmonton in 2014 for some highly coveted training and FUN when we do it !! EEEEKKK!!

I’m sharing this with you because getting us all there is literally a team effort. Hitting Sr Director requires that we have 4 first line Stars, I need to submit my minimum 1500 PCV ($2308 retail) which I plan to personally do 7 times over, and our team collectively needs to submit 75,000 GCV in a given month. ( That is a little more than $115, 384 retail within a month !!!) It is DOABLE friends!

I'm tracking our progress ALL MONTH LONG on our TEAM BEjeweled PAGE!

And I've got a GREAT PRIZE for you...

BOOK, SELL & SPONSOR, and YOU can win an iPad!!

Entries ALL MONTH LONG when you BOOK two more for November, SELL $500 or more, or SPONSOR new fabulous Stylists to your team!

*MUST COMMENT on posts in the team page TO BE ENTERED* Every entry increases your chances!

JOIN OUR PAGE and join the FUN!

Heather McLellan, Director

My vision is for women to make a MIND BLOWING income, have CHOICES other than the typical 9-5, and to be IN LOVE with what they do. Inspired? You can do it too!

And I'm here to help YOU with whatever you want to do! Let me know how I can help!