AU Freshman Summer Send-Offs

Alumni-New Student Summer Networking Event in your City!

Connect with an incoming Latino Freshman this summer!

Summer Send-Off Events

The Office of Alumni Relations invites new AU students and their parents to summer send-off events in many cities across the country. Join us to meet new and current members of the AU community. It's our way of offering a hometown connection to the newest members of the AU family by introducing you to a network of area alumni and other AU family members.

AU Latino Alumni: Would you like to volunteer?

Alumni - this is a great opportunity to volunteer. With just one hour of your time you can make a connection with an incoming freshman and make them feel supported. Limited spaces to volunteer are available in each city. If you are interested in volunteering:

Where are events happening?

Events have been confirmed in several cities. Check out this link to find an event near you:

How do I Volunteer?

Please contact Patricia Rabb at