Book Review By: Jeff Kinney

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever



In the story they are in a small town in a cabin and it starts to snow and they are trapped indoor. This happened during Christmas time.


The conflict in the story is Rowley, even though that is Greg's best friend when they were playing outside Rowley was on a bike and flew into the snow and broke his hand and had a cast on. The next day at school Rowley had all the girls around him and he became popular. After that Greg got very angry at him and didn't speak to him for a while.

Main Idea

The main idea of this story is to always make fun of something. For Ex. like in the book if it is snowing outside go outside bundle up and play in the snow.


At the beginning of the story Greg had pinched his little brother Manny and when they were opening presents Greg only had one to open and his mom told him " If you hadn't pinched your little brother you might have gotten more gifts."


The climax of the story was that Greg did a good deed and returned the baby doll he stole for his little brother Manny as a gift and gave the baby doll back.


At the end of the story Greg had gotten the big gift that he wanted and it was a signed comic book by Kenny. Greg was so excited and his mom told him he got his gift because he did a good deed.


This book is about a 6th grade kid Greg. Greg steels a baby doll at the store for his little brother Manny for Christmas. He ends up being caught for steeling the doll and the police are looking for him. He ends up giving the doll back. On Christmas he doesn't get any gifts because he pinched his little brother. At the end of the book he gets what he wanted a signed comic book by Kenny.

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