Banksmeadow Public School

Staff Bulletin Week 8 - 17th - 21st March

Sharen - LSL

Karon - LSL

Trish away Monday & Tuesday

Monday 17th

Morning Assembly

7pm - P&C Meeting - Library

Tuesday 18th

Lina at inservice course - Lisa in school office, Lisa replaced in Preschool

Elizabeth in for Preschool RFF (away Wednesday)

8.15 - L&ST meeting - Veronica attending

3.15 - Stage meetings

Wednesday 19th

8.15 - Exec meeting

10.15 - Debbie Quirk Sth Sydney HS

11.50 - Harmony Day assembly. Relieving Director Sue Shelley attending

Thursday 20th

Climate Changers inservice following casuals in:

Tina - Jessica

Brendan - Robert

Helene - Octavia

8.15 - Staff meeting

NO afternoon staff meeting

Friday 21st

Harmony Day

Cathy at Bondi PPA meeting - at school from 8 - 9


Other Information

  • Lina will be alone in the office all week. Please send money down before 10am and limit sending children to the office for band aids, ice packs, photocopying etc.
  • Lisa will be the only staff member in the office on Tuesday - again please be considerate.
  • The playground equipment was repaired over the weekend (at least I hope it was!) so no restrictions.

  • A request - please do not award dojo points for completing homework. Many children are at a disadvantage because their parents don't support them with their homework. They will miss out every week! This impacts on the K - 2 children in particular as they really value the dojos.
  • We seem to have an outbreak of nits. If you have cushions or bean bags in your room consider washing the covers. Some parents are distressed about the outbreak.

Finally, Ben set the bar for a little bit of entertainment to be included. Sorry no funny video but this is interesting.