Giuseppe Verdi

Famous Composer

By Dylan Bundy

Giuseppe Verdi

Born: October 10th, 1813 in Italy.
Died: January 27th, 1901 from a Stroke.

Childhood, Family, and Personal life..

His father was a landowner, and a innkeeper, while his mother was a spinner. While working on his 2nd opera, his wife died, after that, in 1847. he developed a relationship with Giuseppina Stepponi. After his music career was over, he went to a hospital for retired musicians, and died from a stroke, in 1901.

Famous Music He Composed..

3 of the most famous compositions..

* Aida
* La Traviata
* Rigoletto

Verdi composed for many wealthy people.

This composer is still famous today, because he has many famous songs that are used in movies, TV, etc. & stories about his life are still told today, and many of his operas are being performed today.

Trailer from "La Traviata" By Verdi.