Steve Jobs

By: Courtney Matschke


Even after many failures including the Apple III computer, the Lisa personal computer, the early Macintosh computers, and the apple TV Steve Jobs still managed to create many things that created so much success for Apple. Not only did Jobs have to overcome numerous failures but he was also diagnosed with cancer in 2003. The public however did not know about this until about a year later. Jobs had to overcome this and was only told that he would have about 6 months to live. Most people would have difficulty continuing through with things they have started after being told this news. Steve kept going even after he was told that his life was ending, as he wanted to fulfill his dream to change technology for the better. That shows how much he was driven to succeed. Steve Jobs had drive because even after all his failures and being told he wouldn't live he didn't stop fulfilling his dream.

Communication Skills

As a part of his job, Jobs had to market the new products that came out and give speeches to people about them. Jobs was known as one of the best public speakers. He knew how to communicate with people to get his ideas across to them in a motivating way. He was also a great communicator because of his use of power point. Jobs has a way of using his slides to enhance his speeches and to keep the audience engaged. Steve Jobs was a great communicator because people looked forward to his speeches and hearing what he was going to do next. (4:10)
Steve Jobs 1984 to 2011 (2)

Competency in Human Relations

Steve Jobs was a very successful person because of his relationship with people. Jobs was a very hard working individual who set the example and pushed his workers to do the same. Some may have said that Jobs was an aggressive and demanding person however that was what made his company successful. He was also the type of person who always wanted the best thing to be made. So he was always working with people to make the best product that was possible.

Technical Skills

Even though many would think that it was Jobs was the one who created all these amazing products it was really his partner Steve Wozniak. Although Jobs didn't develop the products he successfully built the company by marketing their products. His technical skills helped him successfully give public speeches and use power points to show the world how his technology could change the world.

Thinking Skills

Steve Jobs was successful because of his ability to get all of his ideas across to the people in a way they easily understood. He was always thinking about what innovation would help people get things done, and he was able to use his thinking skills to communicate these ideas with others. People looked forward to learning about what would come next.