Natural Solutions Class

Emotional Stress and Support

Learn how to care for your family's wellness needs

Emotions effect the way we behave and handle stress. It's important to clear those emotions daily for optimal function of body and mind. Emotional stress and how it is dealth with can effect our health on many layers. Emotions (energy in motion) contain many vibrational frequencies. Essential oils can support and clear negative frequency from the body in a powerful way! Learn how to open up, deal with stress better, clear feelings of anxiousness, sleep better, and many more emotions will be covered at this class! Come learn how these powerful plant based essential oils can be used to support your family's emotional needs.

Essential oils can be used for 100's of uses to improve health, mental clarity and many more uses for children and adults! This class will be taught by essential oils expert Melody Watts. She will help answer your questions and teach you the basics of how to use essential oils in your home. With Certified Pure Essential oils, the plant based constituents are measured for potency and purity making your results very predictable. Experience the difference these oils can make:

o Healthy immune system response

o Healthy respiratory response

o Clear skin

o Improved mental focus

o Healthy inflammatory response

o Restful sleep

o Temporary aches and pains

o Mood management

o Cleaning

o Healthy digestive response

Natural Solutions Lifestyle Class

Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 6:30pm

26 South Baltic Place

Meridian, ID

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