Jackie Robinson

Mental Toughness and Determination


Jackie Robinson was strong and brave. Jackie Robinson is famous for breaking the color barrier in baseball because before Robinson, no African-American people were allowed to play in the major leagues during the 1940's..

Early Life

Jackie Robinson was born on January 31 1919. When he was little he always liked to play sports. He liked to play football, basketball, and most of all baseball. In school he played dodge ball. He had two other brothers named “Mack and Frank”. Frank was always their to protect him and Mack was a track superstar. When Jackie Robinson was young he got a job as a paperboy. When he was in high school he was a track star like Mack. He also played baseball, football, and basketball. When he was in middle school his brother Frank died. But that did not stop him from achieving his dreams.

Talent and Fame

Jackie Robinson accomplished something no one had ever done before. He became the first African- American to ever play major league baseball. Jacke had 2 strong qualities that helped him achieve this accomplishment – determination and mental toughness. Jackie Robinson set a goal for himself. He wanted to play in major league baseball. His determination would not let him give up on his goal. He worked hard and stood out as a great player. This caused him to get noticed. He was brought up to the majors. Once there, his determination and mental toughness were tested. People would yell and call him names while he was playing. Reporters would write mean things in the paper. That is when Jackies mental toughness came into play. He did not cry or complain or let it distract him of becoming a better baseball player. He did not fight back because he knew if he did, his dream of equality in baseball and being a major league player would be over. Jackie Robinson never gave up or lost focus and that is how he achieved his goal.

Important Moments In Jackie Robinson's Life

Robinson broke the color barrier in professional baseball when he became the first African American to play major league baseball.

Martin Luther King Jr said that Jackie Robinson was “a legend and a symbol in his own time”. His accomplishments allowed black and white Americans to be more respectful and open to one another and more appreciative of each others abilities. It wasn't just about coming together on the baseball field, it was about coming together in everyday life.

On the field Jackie scored more than 100 runs in six of my ten seasons (averaging more than 110 runs from 1947 to 1953), had a .311 career batting average, a .409 career on-base percentage, a .474 slugging percentage.

Jackie Robinson became the first black player inducted into the Cooperstown museum and baseball hall of fame in 1962.


Jackie Robinson taught us more than just how to be a good baseball player. He taught me that although people will not always like you they should always respect you and who you are. They should not judge you on the color of your skin or your religion or on your nationality. It is important that you always treat people the way you want to be treated no matter how difficult it may be at times. That is what Jackie Robinson did and this is why Jackie Robinson became a role model for everyone.
John Fogerty - Centerfield