Bentley Middle School News: MAY

From the desk of Mrs. Brockmon

A Message From Mrs. Brockmon...

Thank you for your continued support. The middle school has shown much growth this year, and we look forward to continuing this trend next year! We have several exciting events scheduled in the next few weeks to celebrate the achievements of our students.

Upcoming Dates

There's a lot happening at the end of this school year! Don't forget to add these dates to your calendar:

  • June 5th: 5th grade visit to middle school
  • June 9th: 8th grade picnic
  • June 12th: Awards (6th grade @ 9 am, 7th grade @ 10 am, and 8th grade @ 1:30 pm)
  • June 13: 8th grade trip to Base Camp
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Science Update

Students in Ms. Vineyard's 7th grade class are researching genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Students in Mr. Stone's 6th grade class are working towards developing models to describe the atomic composition of simple molecules and extended structures.

Mrs. Cooper's 8th graders are learning moons in our solar system.

STEM students are building catapults and trebuchets.

Peace Days

The 8th grade received an ice cream sundae party for reaching 40 peace days (days with no write ups!)

Social Studies Update

8th grade has been presenting on the Civil War.

Ms. Zell's 6th grade has been wondering "How do temperature conditions differ at different latitudes?

The 7th grade has been wondering "How does geography impact the development of empires?"

Penny Wars ~ CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 6th GRADE ON WINNING THE PENNY WAR CONTEST. Wednesday the 6th graders were able to make their favorite ice cream floats for winning the penny war and helping to raise $150.00 for the Bentley Summer Food Program!!!

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Math Update

Algebra students have been solving multi-step equations and word problems.

6th graders have learned how to create line plots, histograms, and box plots

7th grade math students can now find the probability of compound events.

8th grade students have been learning how to solve a system of equations and graph a line.

We're Concerned About the Blueberries!

Two of our middle school students participated in the "Blueberries" program this year. As part of the program, students design "kindness" projects, complete the projects, and report back on the impact they made. Congratulations goes to David Booth for winning a $100 donation to the middle school for his activities!

We would love to have a larger group participate next year; if you're interested, look our for more information in the fall!

ELA Update

Students in Ms. Medlin's class are working on paired reading and test taking strategies.

Mrs. Frey's 8th graders are writing opinion editorials.

Wizard of Oz Production

If you didn’t have the opportunity to see the production of The Wizard of Oz, you missed out! The musical was amazing, enchanting and nothing short of magical! Everyone did such phenomenal work, it was so impressive. I could not be prouder of our staff, students, parents and volunteers for working so hard to accomplish presenting one of the BEST musicals at Bentley Community Schools.

Electives Update

Art: Make a container from clay.

Communications 8: Creating a student newspaper.

Communications 7: Creating Free Choice speeches.

6th Grade PE: Battleship, Dodgeball, and the PACER

7th/8th Grade PE: Learning how to play lacrosse.

6th Grade Music: Practicing their keyboarding skills.

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