Knights Watch

October 12 - 16

All In, Mt. Gallant!

How We Win:

  • Building and sustaining relationships with students, parents, and colleagues
  • Improving our core instruction in the areas of Guided Reading, Lucy Calkins' writing, and Number Talks.
  • Personalizing the MGES experience and learning for each child

United Way Goal - SURPASSED!

We surpassed our United Way goal of $265 by collecting $419! Way to go, Mt. Gallant!

SLO Progress

You now have the template and subsidized meal status. You should be working on your student population and aligned standards sections. The Calkins On Demand for opinion writing should be given by Friday, October 16. Remember to treat this as a standardized assessment so that the data we get is a true baseline. We will score these together in a future meeting as we work through the Calkins process and rubric.

The state SLO rubric is in Canvas and will be used this year so take a look at that when you get a chance.

October 12 Schedule

7:45 - Grits Bar in the lounge - ENJOY!
8:00 - Fourth Grade Proficiency Task + Judy Williams and Anne Rowley
9:00 - Running Record Refresher Group 1
9:45 - Running Record Refresher Group 2
10:30 - Running Record Refresher Group 3

Lisa will place a green slip in your box with your assigned group number circled at the bottom. Please be prompt so that we can best use your time. The remainder of the day is your time for planning/conferences.

Quarterly Newsletter for Parents

Please meet as a team to write a brief synopsis of the first quarter for parents. I can attach up to three photos so if you have any, include those in your email. Entries are due by Thursday, October 15.

I'd like entries from:
  • Each grade level
  • Guidance
  • Media
  • Music
  • Art
  • GT
  • Reading Coach

School Improvement Council

The following folks will serve on this year's SIC:

Brian Cope, chair
Elizabeth Morgan
Emily Hurst
Melisa Smith
Heather Gregory
Jacob Moree
Sheleea Leonard

Odds and Ends from Ms. Leonard

Grading and Report Cards

All grades are due in Power School on Oct. 14th by 5:00 pm.

Please remember to maker the reading instructional level for each child. If your child receives accommodations or modifications you will need to mark this as well.

Terrific Kid

Letters to parents will go home on Wednesday, October 14th. Our first ceremony will be held on October 21st at 8:30.

CogAT Testing

Students in 2nd grade will have testing on Oct. 21, 22, and 23. Please be mindful when passing these classes in the hall.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

You will have the afternoon of the workday on October 12 (from 11:30am on) and October 13 to hold parent-teacher conferences. Sheleea has printed MAP reports for parents and 2015 MAP norms are in Canvas. Conferences must be held/attempted by October 30.

The only thing I need from you is a class roster/sign-up sheet when your conferences are completed. I have to turn this data into the state department for our report card.

If you need me or Sheelea to attend a conference, we are happy to do so.

The Pumpkin Contest is Back With a charitable purpose!

The Fall Showcase is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to get your PUMPKIN on! We will again be having a pumpkin decorating contest for classes interested in participating. Here are the guidelines:

  • Please Pre-Register with Heather Gregory through email if you would like to participate so we know how many pumpkins to provide.
  • Theme is “Please DO feed the Animal$.” Pumpkins can be based on a character from a book (Wilbur/Charlotte, Paddington, Rainbow Fish, etc) or can just be any animal.
  • Pumpkins may be picked up in the old nurse office area on Monday October 19th.
  • Pumpkin creatures should be brought to the Media Center on Monday October 26th.
  • Pumpkins should be removed from the Media Center on Friday Oct. 30th or they will be thrown away.

There will be 3 awards:
  1. “Wildly Creative”
  2. “Best Example of Herd Work”
  3. “People’s Choice”

- The “People’s Choice” award will be determined by penny votes. A small can will be placed with your pumpkin creature. All week, people may vote for their favorite pumpkin by placing change in the can.

- All money raised from the pumpkin votes will be donated to the “Safe Pets” charity.

** No Carving please. This made a juicy mess in the Media Center last year

Please see Heather G. if you have questions.

Fall Showcase on Oct. 29

Our Fall Showcase will be held Thursday, October 29 from 5:30 - 7pm. Special Area folks are cooking up some exciting things for our families to do and see. Teachers, you will need to have a creative display outside of your classroom and student work inside of the classroom. This will be a time for parents to get a look at what our kids are doing. More information to come.

Nurse Wenham

Barb will soon be changing her name from Holmes to Wenham. She just wanted you all to know before the change takes place.

Reading Coach's Corner

For Monday’s Running Record Training: Please bring a copy of the Running Records Conventions and Scoring Chart. This is what your grade chair sent you prior to the task. It can also be found on page 14 of the Literacy Guide.

Looking at Lucy…Let’s go shopping! I will soon be purchasing sets of the trade books to accompany your Calkins units of study. Right now, I plan to purchase a set for each grade level. They will be housed in the Literacy Closet. If you would like to have a personal set, check out the details on this third grade example from Heinemann. They are $25 right now and might be a great way to use your PTA money!

Give this a try! A powerful way to model and monitor comprehension!

Be brave, take a risk, and try something new in your classroom this week!

This Week:


  • PD Day - Go out to lunch!


  • PTA Lunch and Desserts! Ouzo's Pizza
  • 2:45 - Parent Conferences


  • Grades due by 5pm
  • Team Meetings with Lisa - Running Record Follow-up
  • K-2 Knights Doing It Right to office at 2pm


  • Moree at DO, AM
  • PST - Powers at 9am - Conference Room
  • SCEA in PD Room - Stop by during your planning to sign up if you'd like.
  • 4H at MG with first grade


  • Put recycling boxes in the hall by 7:45AM
  • Spirit Day
  • End of first 9 weeks
  • E. Baker to Brattonsville
  • Knights of the Round Table and Gallant Girls meet at 1:45
------Boys will meet in the PD Room
------Girls will meet in the cafeteria
  • PLC Minutes Due to Canvas

Coming Up (Check Calendar for All Dates):

20 - Faculty Meeting - PST Process

21 - 23 - CogAT - Second Grade Testing

21 - Terrific Kid Ceremony at 8:30am
26 - 30 - Red Ribbon Week
26 - Report Cards Home
28 - Team Meetings with Lisa - Running Records and Guided Reading
29 - Fall Showcase
30 - All Parent Conferences Complete

3 - Mike Mattos Conference (Moree, Varnadore, L. Baker to attend)
4 - Team meetings with Lisa - Calkins
5 - SIC at 5:15, PTA at 6pm
9 - Tech Camp with Heather Rollings (PD Room)
11 - Number Talk PD in Team Meetings
12 - Make-up Picture Day; Thanksgiving Lunch for K, 2, 4; Veterans Day Performance
13 - Thanksgiving Lunch 1, 3, 5
18 - Team meetings with Lisa - Calkins
18 - Support Staff Day; Progress Reports Home; Terrific Kid Ceremony @ 8:30am
19 - Stress Break Massages - 8:30 - 10:30 (PD Room)
20 - Stress Break Massages - 12 - 2 (PD Room)
25 - 27 - Happy Thanksgiving!

2 - Team meetings with Lisa - Calkins
3 - PTA Meeting at 6pm
10 - 1st Grade 4H
16 - Team meetings with Lisa - Calkins