Heat rated back pack

Will keep your back warm and cold:)

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It's not just a backpack it's a heat rated backpack!! The only color is light blue pink and neon orange !! It's not in stores you have to call 1-800 heat backpack. And if you call now you can get another one for half price. (No shipping and handling)

About the backpack

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The heat rated back pack keeps your back warm and toasty. Flax seed are used in this backpack, just place the back of flax seeds in your microwave to be warm on a cold day. And if it is a hot day you can place the pack in the freezer. When you are done just Velcro the pack onto to the backpack where the straps are located. Also included are bottle holders, when your hot you can have a cold drink and when your warm just put a warm drink in and there you go the heat rated backpack.


It's the heat rated backpack!!;)

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