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Week of February 8, 2016

Mix It Up at Lunch Day—Be Kind and Pass It On!

This year, on Thursday, February 11, 5th graders will be hosting our 5th annual “Mix It Up at Lunch Day”—a national campaign launched by Teaching Tolerance over a decade ago. This year, over 2,700 schools across the nation have committed to host a Mix It Up at Lunch activity in order to challenge their students to cross social boundaries and share a meal with someone they may never have spoken to before.

We will celebrate the day by giving all middle-school students (grades 5-8) a free “mix it up” dress day on February 11. Students are encouraged to wear something that is entirely mis-matched as a reminder that we each have unique and colorful gifts to offer each other and the world. (Parents, please make sure their free dress choices are mixed up, yet still school appropriate!)

All 5th-8th graders will have lunch together in the gym. They will meet together first in family groups at their normal family meeting place, and their fifth grader will escort them to the spot in the gym where they will join another family group to “Mix It Up.” The two family groups will eat together and play ice-breaker games designed to create connection across grades and across group divisions. The 5th graders will also show some of their Great Kindness Project videos and encourage the entire middle school to participate in random acts of kindness throughout the rest of the school year!

If it is possible, please have your middle-schooler pack a lunch that day. (Although California Fresh will be available we are hoping to keep the line short!) As a special treat, the 5th grade class will be providing dessert for the occasion.

For more information on Mix It Up at Lunch day check outwww.mixitup.org. If you have any questions about the day contact Susan Reedy at sreedy@mayfieldjs.org.

Friday Families: "It Starts With Hello!"

Congratulations to our Mayfield Debate Team for Winning 1st Place at Saturday's Tournament!

After four grueling rounds, our Mayfield Mustangs prevailed! Thank you to Mr. Wolfe and Mr. Donaldson for not only coaching our fabulous team, but also hosting this event. Thank you to all of our parents for volunteering today and for your unending support!

Eighth grade debate champions: Drake Cronthall, Shannon Dilbeck, Bailey Hobey, Carter Link, Aidan Milanese, Emilie Nunn, Meghan Sullivan, Nicholas Tan, and Spencer Wilson.

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Love Gram Production: Working Through Recess!

February 2nd Field Trip to the Federal Courthouse

Thank you, Ms. Frazee for organizing such an amazing experience for us!
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Atomic Models: Check Out Our Hall of Science!

Eighth graders have been studying the changing theories of the atom. From ancient times humans have been wondering about the fundamental structure of matter. From the idea that matter was composed of solid, indivisible particles to a dense positive nucleus, with mostly empty space and electrons spinning at an incredibly fast speed in a cloud around the nucleus. Then the Higgs Boson was proven!

Eighth graders too have wondered what might be next in the quest for discovering this fundamental particle. Students were asked to build a model of the atom, use a scientist’s model or the structure of a specific element. Here are their results!

Easing on Down the Road: THE WIZ Process Continues

We are so grateful to all the teachers who are supporting our rehearsal process! Mrs. Merryman, Mr. Toto, Mrs. Bowen, and Mr. Roberts have been working with our musicians, pit singers, and soloists every week. In addition, Mr. Vasquez taught the Sound & Lights Crew some design tips and lighting skills on Friday, February 5. We look forward to applying these skills in our musical production!

8th Grade Reach Out: St. Francis Center

Student ambassadors to St. Francis Center on Tuesday, January 5th will be Henry B., Peter, James, and Bailey. For the complete schedule and more information on our Reach Out, please click here.

Thank you to Mrs. Dilbeck for your supervision of this Reach Out and to all of our parent drivers!

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Please come and support our Mayfield Mustangs! Here is what's coming up this week, for the complete season schedule, please visit the "MJS Athletics" page on the parent portal.

FEB 9: 6th Grade Girls Basketball

Start 3:00 PM, Ends at 4:30 with pick up at Poly

Location: Poly

FEB 9: Boys 6th Grade Soccer Tournament

Start 3:00 PM, Ends at 4:30

Location: Clairbourn or High Point

FEB 9: Boys B Soccer

Start 3:00 PM vs Gooden

Location: Mayfield

FEB 10: Boys A Soccer Only

Start 3:15 PM vs Flintridge

Location: Mayfield

FEB 10: Girls A and B Basketball

Start 3:15 PM vs Flintridge

Location: Mayfield-Gym

FEB 11: Girls A League Tournament

Start 3:00 PM

Location: Chandler

Have you followed us on Twitter yet? @MJSAthletics It's a great way to get up-to-date game results!

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8th Grade Video

Hello Parents!

Thank you to the parents that have submitted photos for the video. I have 20 kids so far which is really good!

I know the “soft” deadline of February 1st has passed but don’t worry. I know the rest of you are working hard to get the photos together. I know it isn’t easy and I really appreciate it. No need to email or call me and tell me they are coming. I trust you all :)

To review, I am asking for:

*8-12 jpeg photos of your child, family and friends on a USB (best) or CD. Typically each segment starts with a baby picture and ends with a current photo. 4-5 are individual photos, 4-5 are group and 1-2 are family. I hope this makes sense. Try to make sure the photos are good quality (especially if scanned). At the end of the day it’s your segment and I’ll use what you give me.

*It really helps if you can label the student segment folder (Brendan1.jpeg, Brendan2.jpeg, etc) so I don’t have to guess at the order or which photos you want to use.

*If you have extra group photos please send them in a separate folder labeled “group photos."

*Please label the actual USB or CD with your child’s name.

*You can deliver it to the front office. I have an envelope there with my name and "Grad Video” on it. Your child can also give it to Brendan but he’s 13 and that may not be a full-proof way to guarantee it gets to me. You can also drop it at my house (front porch or mail box).

*Keep in mind the “hard” deadline for segment photos is March 1st. I will take photos after that for the play and other 8th grade fun for the group photo loop that plays throughout the grad night. I want to make sure all kids are represented and as much of their MJS experience is shown as well!

Thank you again for all of your help with this!


Aly Pernecky

Things to Look Forward to...

  • Wednesday, February 10: Ash Wednesday Service, 9am Gym. Speakers will include all Executive Student Council Members, plus our reflection speakers: Isabela Cacho-Sousa, Drake Cronthall, Hayley Eaves, and Aidan Milanese.

  • February 13-21: Winter Break, No School

  • Tuesday, March 1: Mothers of Alumni Mass

  • Friday, March 4: End of Second Trimester

Morning Prayer Channel

Have you visited our Morning Prayer channel on Vimeo lately?

Recently we have heard "I have a Dream" speeches from 8th graders and today teachers and staff sang an inspirational "We Shall Overcome."

Morning Prayer @MJS

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8th Grade Advisory Team

Pamela Danni, Team Leader and Director of Student Activities (pdanni@mayfieldjs.org)

Lisa Byrne, Advisor, Play Director, and Co-Team Leader (lbyrne@mayfieldjs.org)

Chris Goethals, Advisor and Secondary School Liaison (cgoethals@mayfieldjs.org)

Juan Garcia, Advisor and Student Council Leader (jgarcia@mayfieldjs.org)

Ruth Villarreal, Advisor and Athletics Director (rvillarreal@mayfieldjs.org)

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