fur seal

by lily

what does the fur seal look like

they have teeth, wiskers and thick fur,similar to the coat of a dog.

they dont have layers of fat like other seals but rely on their thick fur

coat to keep them warm. The colour of the fur seal is brown,white,

And black some have patterns on it them.

Diet and feeding

These active seals are successful at funding concentrations of food,

Some of them visiting Antarctica to feed on krill While at Heard Islands

And at Macquarie Island they feed mainly on fish,and some squid.


this seal has slanted eyes small ears and thick,soft fur

Fur seals flock together on the stone and single beaches

To breed.


Antarctica Animals are Exposed To Some Of the most Coldest

Environmental On earth.Fur seals have very thick insulating fur to protect

Them from the extremely cold climates that they live in.


Australian fur seals frequent coastal waters and oceans.

Their preferred habitat especially for breeding is rocky

Island, which include a boulder or pebble beaches and

Gradually a large rock ledges.