Wilson Disease

By Makayla Scholbrock

What is it?

Wilson disease is a copper build up. It affects the nervous system and your mental health.

This disease can affect anyone, but both parents have to be the "carriers".

What you need to know!

The systems of the disease are the whites of your eyes turn yellow, fatigue, loss of appetite, swelling of the abdomen, and easy bruising. Your nervous system and mental health problems can affect children and young adults. If it is taken care of right your life expectancy can be normal.


Two recessive chromosomes are mutation. They must have it from both parents who are the carriers. The chromosome 13q is affected in Wilson disease.
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Some of the treatments you can do is removing the excess copper from the body, reducing intake of food that are rich in copper and treating any liver or central nervous system damage. There isn't really a cure just with the right treatment the symptoms can become less of them.
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Other facts

  • Affects only 1in 30,000 of the population
  • Symptoms can't show from ages between 6-45
  • You only need a small amount of copper to help repair cells
  • Liver is commonly affected


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