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Located near Southeastern Asia, Malaysia is a beautiful country for tourists around the world. With High Temperatures year round, Malaysia is a perfect country to visit in during those long brutal winters. A Tropical climate greets you as soon as you get off the plane. The large Belum rainforest is a top tourist spot to visit the Malayan Tigers in a sanctuary.

Malaysia's Culture

Don't know how to speak Bahasa Malaysia? No worries, English is widely spoken througout the country. Family is a huge centerpiece in Malaysian culture, so be sure to bring yours! Be sure to bring a gift for your host/hostess as that as seen as normal. Body language is another huge form of communication, words aren't always the way to get your point across!

Be careful while visiting Malaysia, as some of the things we see as normal, aren't there. Never touch the head of an adult, that as seen as a sacred part of the body. Also do not point your feet towards people, it is considered rude. Finally if you're taking your wife on her honeymoon to go scuba diving in one of Malaysia's many coral reefs, DO NOT kiss her in public, no matter how romantic you think you are.

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Things you may recognize

Just like many other large countries, Malaysia will have things you will definetely recognize. There are 60 sub-ethnic groups in Saban and Sapawak, who knows, you might fit right in. Humans and Nature go hand in hand in Malaysian culture. If you respect the environment, the environment will respect you.

Have a craving for some fatty burgers and fries? Don't worry, Malaysia boasts many Mcdonalds. Fresh veggies? Of course, the Malaysian Government has begun regulating and creating more agricultural projects!

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