Bully free but not candy free!

Brief description

In this perfect utopia it is always winter fun with snowy hills all around you and your community. Here, everybody has fun, works hard and works together like one family. Everybody gets candy and some more candy. But nobody can be mean to one another so everybody is happy.

This flag represents the community's love for candy

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Government and Economy

There is no leader or ruler, they community works together to complete their jobs but is something gets out of hand, an alarm will sound telling people to stop what they're doing and immediately rush to their own homes.

Family and Home

Every family has one mother, father,son, and daughter. They all live together in a home with a large backyard. Inside there is one king bed for the parents and a bunk bed for the kids. Each home also has :two large bathrooms with a bathtub, sink, and toilet, kitchen, living room with a large TV and speakers, and a garage.


  1. Everyone must do their share in work
  2. No bullying or being rude
  3. At the age of ten you may choose what candy you want or don't want to get
  4. At the age of 16 you will choose your job that you will have until the age of 60
  5. After you finish your work you can play
  6. Your Job will be 5 hours long, you can choose when to start
  7. At the age of 20 you will move out and be put in a house with the opposite gender and two babies.
  8. At the ages of 10, 16, 20, and 60, there will be a celebration for the new events in your life
  10. If any of these rules are broken they will receive the punishment of the balls of pain (Brussels sprouts), no fun after work, and can't participate in any celebrations for a month (even if it your own.


The community is surrounded by large snowy hills to sled down. The community is made up of homes, hospitals, and the food and drink bank. The home are lined up in the center in 5 rows of 10. On the west and east sides of the homes are the two hospitals. Then everything past the hospitals is an open field for game (snowball forts, tag, making sculptures, etc.). Finally past that are the steep hills to sled, ski, or snowboard down.


Wednesday, July 1st, 6pm to Friday, July 10th, 11:30pm

Yummy Utopia

During this time of year it stops snowing and the pandas come out. During these 10 days nobody can go on the hill because that is were the pandas line up with their giant slingshots. Only during noon of these days the pandas will then start to slingshot candy with mini parachutes into the air so the candy can lightly float down for the citizens to catch. But for the rest of the time Everybody has fun and celebrates the happiness, success, and candy through out the community. Plus there is no work and limited time activities to do now that the snow stopped like rock climbing and zip lining.

Age celebrations

Your meals come with a variety of candy, before the age of 10 your just get random candy, but when you turn 10 you may choose the candy you want to receive. At the age of 16 you will be familiar with the different jobs (doctor, cooker, etc) but you decide what job you choose to have till the age of 60. When you are 60 you retire and continue your life but with out a job. But before that, at age 20 you move out to a new home with the opposite gender and 2 babies to love and take care of.