Emperor Justinian

By: Jake'll Johnson

Justinian Wife

Theodora, Justinian's wife, the empress Theodora, was a great help to him. Theodora's family was poor,and she worked as an actress before meeting Justinian. Theodora had a much greater influence on Byzantine government than any other empresses.

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia, first was built in the reign of Constantine,was twice destroyed by fire. When Justinian rebuilt the church,he ordered it be made fireproof. Earthquakes cause the dome to collapse in 559, but it too was rebuilt. The building became a mosque in 1453 and today is a museum.

Justinian’s Code

This code formed the basis of the legal code of ancient Rome. It involved the collecting and writing the laws of the Roman Empire.

Rights for Women

A woman could not even make a suggestion to her husband. Her guardian, her husband or father, had complete control over her